Samstag, 3. September 2011

|wonderful sunny saturday|

What a wonderful day! The sun is shining and for once I don't have to work today. I was looking forward to today the whole past week, because my boyfriend is at work til midnight, so I'll have our appartement for my own the whole day. I love being alone in our appartement because I can do all the things I love and the best thing about it - there isn't someone who wants to play poker on my computer or wants to decide what to watch on TV :)

So today I'm going to do a little shopping!

I'm going to write some posts and catch up reading all of my favourite blogs.

I will make myself some yummy pasta!

I will sit down in the sun and read some more pages of "House of night".

And I'll finally watch "Beastly".

It's so going to be a good day :) And it would be even more perfect if I had not to work tomorrow. I hate to work on sundays although it's good money. But I'm so looking forward to next week because I have the week off and so much fun things planned, but more about that tomorrow.


  1. M&M Mandel??? Wow... das hört sich gut an!! :o)

  2. Ich liebe es auch alleine Zuhause zu sein, einfach die Dinge tun, die mir gefallen ohne Rücksicht zu nehmen =)
    Ich hoffe, du hattest also einen schönen Tag?!

    Wie findest du den Film? Ich habe ihn auch gesehen und war froh, dass ich ihn nicht im Kino gesehen habe, ich war eher nicht so begestert davon.

    Dicken Küssi, ich hoffe, dein Arbeitstag geht schnell vorüber!


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