Sonntag, 28. August 2011

|this week's payoff|

1. I really hate girls, that are sitting in front of me and say "I wear size 0!" with the biggest smile on their face like there's no other size to wear than size 0. Girls, you better notice: 0 is not a size!

2. I'm so looking forward to fall. Can't wait to wear all the beautiful clothes that you can find in all the stores right now. So comfy and warm!

3. I think Frozen Yoghurt is much better than icecream

4. I watched "A lot like love" today and all I can say: That's how love should be

5. I haven't had a pizza since ages, but I should :) It looks so yummy!

6. I have soooooooo many ideas in my had right now, I really could right about 10 posts a day. But I don't really have the time and I also don't wanna flood your reading-lists. But you can be sure, I will be blogging all of them :)

7. So true


  1. der spruch ist ja so wundervoll. und das erste bild ist auch cool ;)

  2. "Who came and never left the side..." Das ist schön und so wahr!! =)

    YAY =) 0 is not a size - fucking true!
    Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut! =)

  3. Sowas wie Liebe! Das Bild fand ich immer schon so toll und den Film auch. Danke für dein Kommentar! Goloso ist ein Milcheis, in die Sahnerichtung, mit luftigen Waffelstückchen mit Schokocrem... Sehr lecker *_*.


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