Sonntag, 21. August 2011

|Day 27: A song that you wish you could play|

I really wish I could play piano. Besides the violin, I think the piano is one of the most beautiful musical instruments. When I was about eleven or twelve years old, I heard "Wind of change" played on a piano and I fell in love with that instrument right away. Sadly I've never learned how to play one. But til today, I love to hear songs played on the piano and my biggest wish is to play a song like "Imagine" on the piano one day.

Ah, I love it!


  1. danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :)
    Das mit dem Fernweh tut mir natürlich leid...
    Liebe Grüße, Marie

  2. dein Blog ist wirklich schön und sehr vielseitig<3


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