Sonntag, 21. August 2011

|this week's payoff|

Hey Lovelies,

again, it have been five days since my last post - I'm so, so, so sorry. But I didn't really had the time and mood to write some reasonable posts and yes, I have also been busy with watching One Tree Hill (can't stop watching :D), but I'm back with/for my payback.

1. I had raclette today and it was sooooo yummy my stomach still hurts :)

2. I honestly have never seen so much rain like this week. Stores, restaurants and streets were flooded - it really was unbelieveable. (Aachener Zeitung: 4580 Schwimmbäder prasseln auf Aachen. Aufs rund 160 Quadratkilometer große Stadtgebiet gerechnet kommt man auf eine Zahl von etwa elf Milliarden (!) Litern, was elf Millionen Kubikmetern entspricht.)

3. As a child I loved the Smurfs and I think it's great that they are having a comeback right now. Not only in cinemas, but also on t-Shirts, blankets and so on. I'm going to buy a shirt next week.

4. You already know, that I always have itchy feet and it's not even a month ago since I've been to Brugge, but I really really wanny see something new RIGHT NOW.

5. I fell in love with nail art over the last few weeks and love to take a look at pictures like theese or tutorials - and I think, I'm going to try some myself next week.

6. I'm still a little sad, that we didn't have the time to go to Coney Island, while we were staying in New York. But that is also a reason to go back one day, isn't it? :)

7. Please, let me find that job as soon as possible!!!

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