Montag, 29. August 2011

|MTV VMAs - Red carpet|

I love big events like the Oscars or the MTV Video Music Awards because you can always see all the celebrities in their most beautiful dresses on the red carpet. I always love to take a look at the pictures in the morning and choose my favorite dress out of a dozen. But when I watched the photos of yesterday's VMAs "black carpet", I was quite dissapointed. I've never seen so many ugly dresses at one time, but take look at my favorites and my least favorites yourself:

Best dressed celebs at the VMAs

pregnant Beyonce - I love her!

Disney-stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato looked stunning in their dresses

Kim Kardashian - always looks great!

although I don't like her shoes so much, I really love Katie Holmes' outfit as a whole

Now, it's getting worse and worse. I wonder why everybody is trying to copy Lady Gaga or parrots?!?

I know, this dress looks kind of cute on Katie Perry but it's not really my taste

Anyone please tell me what's that supposed to be?!?!?

Lady Gaga-double?!?

Deena Cortese really looks like a parrot

I'm not a big fan of Snooky and of her dress either.

I don't like Britney's styling and in my opinion she failed with this dress, too.

what did Miley think?!?

What do you think about the dresses and which one do you like most? Which one do you think is worst? I'm curious about your opinions :)

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  1. Oh mein Gott. Ich finde die sind alle ganz schlecht angezogen. Gut finde ich wirklich nur Beyonce und Katie Holmes (auch wenn sie etwas beknackt da steht) ... ♥


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