Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

|VOTE for my dress|

You might have seen that girl on some other blogs. Nelly. com gives you the chance to create your own dress for autmn. You can chosse your on colours, fabrics and patterns. The winner dress will be named after the desinger and also wins a shopping-coupon for nelly and a trip for two persons. It would be great if you would vote for my dress. I combined orange and blue with some dots. So vote, vote, vote here.


  1. Ah cool danke. :) Glaub da machen so viele mit, das man kaum eine chance hat. Ich hab nichtmal geschafft alle anzuschauen. ^^

  2. Danke :) Bin auch grade Leser deines Blogs geworden weil ich ihn auch toll finde, dein Kleid ebenfalls :D


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