Dienstag, 26. April 2011

|wonderful Easter holidays|

I'm so sorry, guys, that I didn't post over the last few days and missed my weekly ...before you die and payoff-posts, but I spent so wonderful days with my family. On Friday we were coloring eggs, Saturday I went to the movies and the fair with my sister and my little cousin. And Sunday was all about spending time with the whole family - searching for eggs, playing games and having BBQ I hope you all spent some wonderful days with your families, too! And I'm sorry for posting tons of photos now :)

endlich wieder da :)
supersüßer Film, lohnt sich wirklich, ihn zu gucken!
my first dollars for the New York-trip
Activity - What's that?

Hope you all will have a great day!  


  1. dankesehr :)) ich mag die ostereier bilder total :D ich liebe es, eier zu färben :D

  2. Ostereier bemalen, habe ich auch schon aus Spaß gemacht :DDD

    Nach NY will ich auch mal !



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