Sonntag, 3. April 2011

|this week's payoff|

Before I got to bed I will balance accounts with this week. Mein Sonntagsfüller ♥

1. spring is my favourite season of the year

2. I just saw the trailer of "Beastly" and can't wait to see it

3. I love spinach and mustard

4. me and my boyfriend booked our hotel for New York yesterday and we'll be staying in Queens - can't wait to visit the Lemon Ice King of Corona, which you might know from "King of Queens"

5. from tomorrow on I will go swimming at least twice a week

6. Brie is my favourite sort of cheese

7. I had to work today and I really hate working on Sundays, even if it's just 4 times a year, but the money is worth it :D

You'll get to see my "Scarf of the day" tomorrow, I'm just too tired to write another post :)



  1. Great post! Have fun with your bf in NYC. I love Spring time too, it's so nice


  2. this was a cute post :) so cool you two are going to NY, i hope you have fun!

  3. Spinat mit Senf.... "food" for thoughts ;)


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