Sonntag, 10. April 2011

|this week's payoff|

First of all, I really appreciate all your comments but I'm just too tired to answer them tonight, so I will answer them all tomorrow - I promise!!!

Und nun - mein Sonntagsfüller! PAYOFF!

1. I've had the first icecream of the year this week and it was so delicious

2. I think it's easier to choose the perfect scarf for your outfit than choose the perfect outfit for a scarf!

3. I just realized how much I missed watching Gossip Girl - love it

4. One of my biggest dream is a hot-air balloon ride

5. Seems that everybody will get married in june this year - I'm invited to 4 weddings, 2 bachelorette parties and 1 wedding-eve parties, CHEERS!

6. Because I am non-smoker I love that fact that almost everyone around me stopped smoking last week

7. Jason DeRulo's "What if" is my favourite song right now


Good night  



  1. Soweit ich mich erinnern kann, waren die von Deichmann, allerdings ist das schon Jahre her :o
    Bestimmt 3 oder 4 :s


  2. This ice cream looks so good and the hot air balloon is SO cute. Nice post


  3. Ah cooli, vier Hochzeiten?! Ich war noch nie auf einer, will es aber unbedingt!! =)
    Mir fehlt Gossip Girl auch total, aber irgendwie kommen die nicht mit ner neuen Folge an!! Das Gleiche mit Glee. Das nervt mich ein wenig =D

  4. cool pics. and i love gossip girl too. never saw this pic before so thanks for sharing :D

  5. Gossip Girl !! Ich liebe es :)


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