Montag, 11. April 2011

|I know that this might sound crazy, 'cause you don't know my name|

You lovely readers, I hope you had the time to enjoy the sun yesterday and today. As I told you before, I went to a flea market yesterday with my sister to sell some old stuff. It was quite deflating, because most of the people aren't willing to spend more than an euro for everything, but nevertheless I earned about 100 bucks.

 shirt,bracelet New Yorker
scarf H&M
ring Sixx

Unfortunately the flea market yesterday wasn't outside, so I couldn't enjoy the sun. But today I had the chance to spend some time in the sun - after hours of grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning. And I fell in love with Zumba today. I saw Zumba-videos on the TV several times before, but I've never tried it before. But thanks to youtube I tried it today for the first time and I think it's a great way to loose some weight.

Yes, I still have my pimple :(

The scarf is dark blue as you can see in the pictures below.

shirt, vest New Yorker
scarf, bracelet Primark
ring H&M

Have sweet dreams, you lovelies 



  1. i love that ring! i was at a flea market this weekend & was thinking, i should sell my stuff here too! xx

  2. COngrats! Reminds me of uploading pics to KK.

  3. Der Armreif ist ja meeeegaaa

    schau vorbei wenn du magst:

  4. wooow love your scarf and your big ring! xxx

  5. hi there!!!!!
    what an amazing blog...
    if you want we could follow each other..let me know...

  6. schööön.
    danke fürs kommentar.
    regelmäßig lesen war lieb!

  7. Dein Header ist so schön (:!
    Guter Post, ich mag die Outfits und Bilder.

  8. Thanks for the comment! It mean alot :)

    Ur pics are amazing.

    I tried following your blog but I cant find the follow thing.I might be blind lol


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