Samstag, 9. April 2011

|I hate sunny saturdays...|

...because I have to work almost every saturday and can't enjoy the sun :( But I hope you guys can spend some time out in the sun and enjoy it. What are you going to today? When I come home from work this evening, I will spend the evening watching "DSDS" with my sister and tomorrow we will go to a flea market together to sell all the clothes and other stuff we sorted out. I hope I will sell a lot, so that I will have some extra money for my trip to New York in May. Wish me luck :)

Have a sunny day



  1. love your scarf ;)
    And beatifull outfit ;)


  2. Love that scarf! So cute x

  3. Ich hoffe du warst heute erfolgreich. :)
    ich kann aufgrund des Abis die Sonne auch nur immer für ein paar Minuten am Tag genießen. Total traurig. >: Naja, aber wenns vorbei ist, ist es eh noch viel schöner und dann hab ich erst mal vieeeel Zeit!


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