Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

|scarfs of the last few days...|

I was quite busy the last few days. I had to work and do some housekeeping, so I didn't really have the time blog. Above all I still have that f***ing pimple I wrote about yesterday - and it's even bigger than it was yesterday :( ARGH!!!!!

But this post is about all the scarfs I wore the last days. If you haven't read about my scarf-project yet, here is the link to my SOTD-project. 

 scarf, bag H&M
shirt, vest New Yorker
bracelet I am

 all New Yorker

scarf, vest New Yorker
shirt Primark

Lovelies, I hope you'll have sweet dreams



  1. Das letzte Foto!! Super Outfit und wunderschöner Schal!!! =)

  2. Crazy wie viele tücher du hast...
    Alleine das ich das kommentar schon gesehen habe, zeigt das ich nicht an meiner aufgabe schreibe..das dokument ist zwar offen, aber naja...ahhh..Jetzt muss ich aber mal was machen!!! =D


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