Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

|spending Easter Monday at the zoo|

Guys, I'm sooooo sorry that I don't really have the time to blog regularly. I really have to work a lot right now because of the holidays and there is so much other stuff going on right now....Eastern, my boyfriends birthday is tomorrow, his cousin is in town right now and wants to be entertained, I've spent the last few days with friends and so on.... And as you might know from my posts before, I still have to prepare my trip to New York and Toronto. But I hope that I will have the time to write some posts today and the next few days.

I wanted to show you some pictures, I took Monday. I went to the small zoo in Aachen with my boyfriend, my lovely cousin and her boyfriend. I love this zoo, because it isn't that big and it really tries to keep all the animals appropriate to their species. Although they don't have any elephants, giraffes or gorillas, the zoo is really worth to visit.

I went to Primark yesterday and will show you the things I bought in another post today, so stay tuned!


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