Montag, 4. April 2011

|introducing my 4th scarf and my mini-haul|

Today is the fourth of April, so I was wearing my fourth scarf this month.

Today I just stopped by Rossmann (where I bought some cosmetics), H&M (where I suprisingly didn't find anything) and New Yorker (where I bought a beautiful new scarf - shame on me for buying another one).

My New York-Pass just arrived today. Awww guys, I'm so excited about going to New York and I guess, I will spend the whole evening with reading that little book about the New York-Pass and planning a sight-seeing-tour

What are going to do tonight? Anything special or will you just relax in front of the TV?



  1. die holzarmbänder find ich super, ich steh auf Holz ♡

  2. der schal und die ballerinas sind echt süß:D

  3. cool post!
    really love this style =D

    follow u of course

  4. Der Schal ist wunderschönii!!
    Wie gerne würde ich jetzt auch eine New York Reise für mich Planen.. =)


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