Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

|Taylor Momsen - hot or not?|

I bet you all know Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl. In the beginning I really liked her style - not only on Gossip Girl, but also on red carpets or her leisure outfits. I always thought that she kept great balance, between frisky outfits, comfy outfits and classy ones. 

But since she isn't on Gossip Girl anymore and is on tour with her band "The Pretty Reckless", I think her style has negatively changed. Some might like this style, but not me.

But it even can get worse.Have you seen her outfit, she wore on the premiere of Justin Bieber's movie "Never say never"? I was quite shocked, when I saw these pictures in a magzine.

    All pictures via Juzz Jared (

So, what do you think about Taylor Momsen? Do you like her style or not? Is she hot or not?



  1. Definitely NOT hot. I liked her in gossip girl as well but her new style is not only awkward it is horrible!!!!

  2. Ihhh wie sieht sie denn aus? -.-

    Ja, aber ich find die Farbe eigentlich schön - aber den benutz ich glaub ich nicht mehr den Lack -.-

    Liebe Grüße^^


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