Montag, 14. Februar 2011

|Grammys 2011|

Yesterday the Grammy 2011 was awarded in Los Angeles. The biggest winner of the evening: Lady Antebellum

I've you haven't heard of them yet, you really have to listen to their song "Need you now". It's so beautiful and the lyrics are just a amazing. 

Although there were a lot great performances that night, the most interesting part of the evening definitely was the red carpet with a lot of amazing dresses. Take a look at my favourite ones:

Eva Longoria - love her dress!
Jennifer Hudson just looks so stunning after losing so much weight!
Kelly Osbourne really looks amazing in her purple dress!
A lot of stars wore gold dresses, but I think Kim Kardeshian's is the best!
Eye-catcher of the evening: Nicki Minaj
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