Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

|the way back|

Me and my boyfriend went to the sneak preview yesterday. We haven't been there for quite a lont time, so I was really excited about it. Some of you might remember that we saw "Never let me go" the last time we went to a sneak preview and I didn't like it that much (click here to read more). 

Yesterday they showed the movie "The way back" with Jim Sturgess (21), Ed Harris (A beautiful mind, The Hours), Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, Hanna) and Colin Farrell (Daredevil, In Bruges). The movie is about a group of men that got arrested in a Siberian camp during the Second World War. Fortunately they could escape from the camp and have to make their way from Siberia to Mongolia. They hope to be free again in Mongolia, but as they come to pass the Mongolian border they have to realize that like Russia Mongolia is ruled by the communists, too. Because they are afraid to get arrested by the Mongolian communists they decide to cross China, the Himalaya and Tibet to get to British India. The movie shows their escape from Siberia to Britsh India which is quite hard because they have to fight against hunger, thirst, wheather and death.

I'm a really big fan of movies that are based on true story and so is this one. I think it is a great movie with great actors and a great story. The thing I liked most about the movie are the incredible pictures of the landscape they cross during their escape. The mountains of the Himalaya, the Lake Baikal, the Great Wall and the desert in Mongolia. And it seems that the movie wants to tell their audience that which goal you ever set yourself, you can reach it. I really liked the movie and it's worth to see.

At our cinema you can always win something before the movie starts. Usually they raffle movie posters but yesterday they were also raffeling this jacket.

And guess who was the lucky winner AGAIN!?!? Yes, my boyfriend :D We won a poster last time, too. And this time he was the lucky winner of this Hangover 2 jacket and a Scream-poster. So all in all, it was a really great evening!

Vanessa ♥


  1. Das hört sich wirklich nach einem tollen Film an. Ich habe von dem noch gar nichts gehört, aber wenn der gestern in der Sneak war, sollte er ja demnächst in den kinos anlaufen?! wahrscheinlich sind wir hier im Norden nur etwas hinterher =D Wer weiß =P

  2. icecream is good for love gefällt mir auch richtig gut =)
    wir sind mit dem Zug von Pisa nach Florenz, hat ca ne Stunde gedauert und nur 5,80€ gekostet =)
    30. Juni ist ja nicht mehr lang =)
    Ich mache gerade ein Gewinnspiel, ist vielleicht was für die, da du Tücher ja so gerne magst?! Kannst du dir ja mal angucken =)

  3. Danke! ; ) Also ein bisschen was war schon reduziert, aber auf die Sachen, auf die auch ich gehofft hatte - die aus dem Online Shop - gabs auch bei uns nicht wirklich. Schade! : ( Naja, vielleicht blad! <3


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