Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

|it's gettin hot in here...| take off all you clothes. I can tell you, I would have loved to take off my clothes yesterday. It was sooooooo hot that even the air conditioning in our store was unable to cope the heat. But thanks to the weather god it was raining all night and it's possible to move without sweating again :)
Due to the weather yesterday I was wearing this outfit:

my favourite right now: the fishbone braid (kind of messy yesterday)
maxi skirt: Forever 21
shirt, top, vest: New Yorker
bag: H&M
bracelet: Forever 21
ring: I am
leather chain: New Yorker #new

Those of you, who have read my payoff on sunday may have read that I was supposed to be on a Black Eyed Peas-concert yesterday. But I had to learn once more that bubbles burst so fast. I had to work yesterday and my friends didn't want to wait for me til I leave off work and went there alone. I was sooo sad, especially while reading all there status messages on facebook yesterday ("Oh, it's so cool here!", "We're standing in the first row!!!", "Best concert I've ever been to"...). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them. But it's so sad because I was supposed to be there, too :(

But enough for now, I will have breakfast now and then will spend my day off with wiriting job application, hooray!!! I'm so NOT looking forward to it, especially because I have now idea where and for what kind of job I should apply. So I'm thankful for all your lovely ideas (I studied chinese and translatin by the way ;D).

Love, Vanessa


  1. so ein zopf sieht klasse aus. du hast wunderschöne haare. dein blog gefällt mir. ich verfolg dich mal.

  2. Richtig cooles Outfit! Gefällt mir! Glg

  3. Die Kette finde ich toll! =)
    Øv ø dem Konzert!
    Willst du in Deutschland bleiben? Vielleicht wäre das Goethe Institut was? Du hast ja bestimmt auch einen großen Teil Kultur gehabt, oder?!
    Dicken Küssi


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