Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

|Haul - New York Special|

My lovely readers, I don't know how, but somehow I got rid of my jetlag (10 days, yes it took a while ;D). So, I'm finally back and ready to blog again...and blog and blog and blog :D First I wanna show you the things I bought in New York. I didn't buy a lot because thanks to employee discount I'm able to buy really cheap clothes here in Germany. So I only bought the things I really really loved and of course I went shopping at stores like Forever 21 and Century 21 cause we don't have them here in Germany (going to Century 21 is really worth it. I guess we spent about 4 or 5 hours there and way to much money :D).

I fell in love with that nail polish right away, but I have to admit I'm really dissapointed. It's difficult to get the little stars out of the bottle and if you finally could manage it to put them onto you fingers, you will loose them all within hours :(

I will show you the green dress in another post the next week. I bought the dress for my friend's wedding and I really need your help, because I'm not sure how I should combine it, but more about that next week :)

I usually wanted to buy a Yankees-shirt, but I love the Mets colours more and so I decided to buy a Mets-shirt

I love to eat macaroni and cheese and pop tarts since I've been to Canada 10 years ago, so I really had to buy some, yummy

There will be more posts about New York soon! Vanessa ♥

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  1. *yay* Love the food (but those are not the REAL Maccaroni&Cheese^^), love the mug, love the Paul-Frank-shirt :) Love the fact that you're back!


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