Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

|Pole Dancing or how to get muscle aches and bruises|

I told you in one of my last posts that I went to a Bachelorette-party on Wednesday. We suprised my friend with a lesson in a pole dancing studio in Cologne and I really wanna tell you about that. I have seen a few reports about pole dancing on TV before and it always looked like fun. Although it looked like fun, I never really wanted to try it, cause I thought it was quite hard. As my friends decided to suprise my friend with pole dancing for her Bachelorette-party I wasn't really happy, but I have to tell you I was WRONG. It really was sooooo much fun.
Celine, our trainer and the owner of the studio in Cologne, was so cute and patient. Noone of us had ever tried pole dancing before, but she explained everything and even explained steps and figures to us seperately if someone of us had problems doing them. After an hour we all were able to do a little choreo. Don't get me wrong it isn't easy at all, but it is so much fun that you don't care about the fact that it is exhausting. And for those who wanna get athletic and are still looking for the right sport, I really can recommend pole dancing to you. Pole dance is a whole-body workout. I still have muscle aches in my arms, my legs, my back and even in my bum. But if you wanna have fun while losing weight and tighten your body, I think pole dancing really can be the right thing to do. If you wanna know more about it click here.

our trainer Celine

After pole dancing we went to a mexican bar in Cologne to have some burritos, quesadillas and of course TEQUILA :) It was so yummy!!! 

So, the first part of my wedding marathon is over. Tomorrow will be the wedding of my boyfriend's cousin. I'm really looking forward to it because I've never been to an Asian wedding before and I'm excited. So I guess you can read about my wedding marathon Pt. 2 on Sunday :)

Have a good night, Vanessa ♥


  1. Ahhh I want to do a pole dancing class sooo bad!

  2. pole dancing hört sich klasse an!! Mir ging es da in etwa immer wie dir, sieht nach fun aus ist aber wahrscheinlich extrem anstrengend =D Freut mich, dass es bei euch so gut mit der Choreo geklappt hat =)
    Dicken Küssi


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