Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

|father's day without a handcart and beer|

It seems that everybody thinks that Father's Day in Germany is all about drinking beer. But it's not. Me and my sister love to spend time with our parents on Mother's and Father's Day. And my parents really enjoy it. As my father is a big fan of the German soccer team Schalke 04, we went to Gelsenkirchen to do a stadium tour around the Veltins-Arena with him. I really love soccer, so I enjoyed the tour. But even my sister, who doesn't like soccer at all, enjoyed the tour because it was very interesting and it is always fun to take a look behind the scenes (like every stadium tour you get to see the team's changing room). If you haven't done a stadium tour yet I really can recommend it to you.

at Schalke's press center

Vanessa ♥

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