Montag, 9. Mai 2011

|this week's payoff - New York special|

I'm sorry that I didn't have the time to write my payoff yesterday, but I spent the whole with my mum and was just to tired to write it when I got home. So I will post last week's payoff now and because I will leave for New York on Wednesday it's all about New York!

1. can't wait to see the Statue of Liberty in real and not only on TV or photos.

2. can't wait to go shopping in New York

3. can't wait to be on top of the Empire State Building!
4. can't wait to stroll around at Central Park!

5. I want to follow the track of Gossip Girl on 5th Avenue!

6. can't wait to have a burrito

7. can't wait to go to Chinatown, have some chinese food and speak some chinese!

Hope you all will have a great day! Vanessa


  1. Hej Süße,
    ich wünsche dir viel viel Spaß!! Die Reise hast du dir bei deiner Note für deine Master thesis wirklich verdient!! =)
    Have fun!!

  2. heyy! VIEL SPAß IN NEW YORK!!! bring viele pics wieder zurrück :)

    Anita Riot

  3. Genieß die schöne Zeit in NEW YORK!!



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