Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

|Catrice - Nail polish, lip gloss and more|

A few weeks ago I received a packet from Catrice. Thanks to I was one of the lucky winners that could test some Catrice-products. 

The packet included 

3 different Ultimate Nail Lacquer
330 Absolutely Chinchilly
030 Meet me Coral Island
490 Iron Mermaiden

Catrice: Ultimate colour, ultimate gloss, ultimate coverage!

My opinion: I only can agree with Catrice's words above. I usually have to paint my nails every single day because all the nail polishes I use start peeling off after one day. But this Catrice nail polish is great and lasted for 3 days. I really love the coral nail polish and I fell in love with Iron Mermaiden because sometimes it shines in lilac and sometines in grey (if you wanna see a picture of that nail polish while I'm wearing it, I can post one). The Catrice nail polish is really one of the best nail polish I've ever used.

2 different Eye Colour
130 Sitting on a Valcano
230 Where is my caddy-li-lac

My opinion: I'm not a big fan of eyeshadows, but I really liked these eye colours. They are great to match with other colours and it even lasts although you're sweating.

2 different Colour & Stay Lip Gloss
010 Toast with champagne
070 Light my fire 

Catrice: Infinite colour lip gloss, lasts uo to 4 hours.
My opinion: And yeah it does. I really love that lip gloss, esepecially the coral one Light my fire. The gloss feels a little bit sticky when putting it on, but the long lasting really makes up for that.

1 Lashes to Kill Volume Mascara 

Catrice: With black diamond powder and carbon black for ulta black lashes. The curved brush covers every lash and gives extra volume. 

My opinion: It's hard for me to find the perfect mascara because I have quite long lashes. But this mascara is also one of the best I've ever tried and it even gives my long lashes extra volume, so that I think I will stick to this mascara from now on.

I really can recommend the nail polish and lip gloss to you, and of course the mascara. Do you use a lot of of Catrice products and how do you like them? And are you a Konsumgöttin, too? If not, you really should try it and start testing products.



  1. Ich hab mir vorgestern auch einen Nagellack von Catrice gekauft ("Scream Peach"), und ich mag ihn auch ganz gerne :) Der scheint wirklich nicht so schnell abzusplittern wie andere Lacke .. :]

  2. Von den Lacken bin ich auch total begeistert! =) Catrice finde ich sehr sehr gut!!


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