Montag, 30. Mai 2011

|there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York|

I'm sorry that it took me a while to post some first impressions of New York. But finally, here they are! There are so many different people in New York and so many different places. You really can experience a different and funny situation day by day. As Jay-Z and Alicia Keys said in "Empire State of Mind": these streets will make you fell brand new.

at Union Square

one of hundreds "Osama Bin Laden"-Shirts, that you could buy all over New York

street dancers at Battery Park

the Naked Cowboy at Times Square

such a cute proposal seen at Times Square

When I hopefully will get rid of my jet lag in the next few days, there will be more posts about New York. And I will also have the time to read all your lovely blogs and answer all your comments when I will stop sleeping til midday :) So stay tuned!

Vanessa ♥


  1. Sehr coole Bilder!! Der Heiratsantrag ist ja lustig!! :D <3

  2. Das ist echt mal ein schöne Heiratsantrag =) Und nice du hast den naked cowboy gesehen =D Tolle Bilder!!


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