Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

|Gossip Girl meets New York Yankees|

This evening we're going to watch the match New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm so excited. I've never watched a real baseball game before, not even on TV. So, I'm kinda curious whether I like it as much as soccer or not.

But I really want to buy some "New York Yankees"-fashion in New York. Don't matter if I like baseball or not. I'm so in love with the shirt Jessica Szohr wore the other day, that I really want to have one too. And because I wrote all these posts before I left for New York, maybe I've already found one, who knows? :)

I really love Jessica Szohr's style and outfits - also as Vanessa on Gossip Girl. But here some of her outfits she wore in her free time.

I hope you all had a great weekend. There will be real posts again, as soon as I get back to Germany!

xoxo Vanessa

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