Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

|thirty scarves|

As I told you before (click here to see more) I have way to many scarves. So I decided to wear a different scarf every single day. My project started on April, the 1st and ended on April, the 30st. I can tell you, it's quite hard if you shoudn't wear a scarf twice when you have so many favourite scarves which you want to wear every day. But I did it - I wore 30 different scarves, which you can see here. Today I want to show you the scarves, I wore in the last few days of April.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything special you're up to? I'm going to have sushi and cocktails tonight with some friends of mine to celebrate my master. Saturday and Sunday I will spend with my family before I leave for New York next week. We'll habe BBQ tomorrow and raclette for Mother's day on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to this weekend, can't wait for it


  1. Der erste mit den Schwalben ist ja süß, wo hast du den her?

  2. Hej Süße,

    schöne Tücher! =) Drei davon habe ich auch. Vielleicht sollte ich auch mal so ein Projekt starten, habe nämlich definitiv auch zu viele Tücher. Schrecklich, aber was soll man machen.
    Klingt nach einem tollen We! Ich soll auch Sonntag nach Hause zu meiner lieben Mutti =)

    Dir ein schönes WE!
    Dicken Küssi


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