Montag, 7. März 2011

|OOTD - Carnival's special|

This will be my last post about Carnival - I promise :D Because Carnival always is about drinking a little alcohol, I didn't take so many pictures of my costumes. And the ones I've taken are quite bad, but here are my costumes of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Actually I wanted to go to Cologne today, to see the "Rosenmontagszug", but like last year and the years before I always have a cold on "Rosenmontag". So here are the pictures of yesterday's "Kinderzug" only.

Have a good night and sweet dreams, my lovely readers



  1. looks like you had a lot of fun in carnival!
    nice costumes!

    we dressed up as crazy scientists with a crazy wig, glasses, and of course did many experiments at night! lol.


  2. ohh, schöne Bilder :)
    Die Fingernägel sind toll :D


  3. hii du hast echt ein klasse blog weiter so =) kannst ja mal bei mir vorbei schauen =) LG sarah


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